"I've been attending Andrea's class religiously for nearly 2 years, and I have never felt so in tune with my body. I am stronger, leaner, and my overall posture and gait has improved. Best of all, even in a class of 5-10 people, she is extremely attentive to everyone's positioning, constantly adjusting our movements ensuring that we are working the correct muscles and ultimately strengthening our core. And she is a dancer, so her movements are graceful and easy to follow. I look forward to her class every day that I go! She is a wonderful instructor who loves Pilates and makes it enjoyable."
~ Liat Baruch

"My wife gave me Pilates training for my birthday last year. I was underwhelmed at the prospect at best. My idea of working out is doing sit-ups in the closet every other day - sometimes. I do not train in public. However, Andrea gently changed my mind with her patient, kind expertise with Pilates - turning me from a skeptic into a fan. She not only made it fun and non-humiliating, but something I looked forward to! A first for me. As a teacher and trainer, I cannot imagine anyone better at it because not only is her knowledge and expertise supreme, but she made the workouts, focused, fun and they yielded amazing results in short order! The strengthening of my core changed my back issues and posture for life! I am even 1" taller now! She is absolutely amazing!"
~ Jeffrey A. Okun


"I have taken a lot of Pilates instruction from a number of trainers. Andrea is the best one I've encountered. She cares about her pupils very much, is highly creative with her instruction and she is a charming and highly dedicated individual. She will also get you the great result that you are looking for. I recommend her very highly."
~ Alan Abrams


"I hired Andrea for private Pilates lessons after having my 2nd baby, and was so pleased with every aspect of my experience with her. Two of my biggest obstacles with previous activities I had tried were motivation and intimidation, and Andrea rid me of both of those with her teaching style. She kept me motivated with her enthusiasm and encouragement, and also by the fact that she was diligent about making our sessions different every time. I had previously found some of the Pilates exercise intimidating due to their difficulty or my physical limitations so would just skip them, but Andrea had ways to modify every single exercise to make it work for me. It felt very empowering to be able to do some version of every exercise she taught me, and I know that my body benefited as well from working muscles I had avoided before. But this accommodation by no means equated to a lack of results . . . I was sore after every session and my flexibility and strength grew by leaps and bounds! She is a fantastic teacher in all respects, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Pilates experience."
~ Brittany Metzig


"I have found Pilates to be the perfect alternative to mainstream exercise. After years of being a fair-weather gym-goer, I am completely committed to the practice of Pilates. Pilates offers a variety of equipment and exercises that keeps me on my toes and never bored. After a few Pilates sessions, I felt and noticed muscle strength and renewed self-confidence that took months to achieve at the gym. Working with Andrea has been key to my love for Pilates. She takes the time to understand my personal goals and then designs workouts that target the results I'm looking for. I highly recommend training with Andrea; she has changed my life through Pilates!"
~ Larisa Holderied